Green Thumb Juicery


Why juice?

The majority of us have hectic lives, work, school, family obligations, financial strains etc., the list is long. The quality of our food often lacks vital nutrients our body needs. This can result in fatigue, headaches or other unwanted physical manifestations of nutrient deficiency. Juicing or doing a juice cleanse is an easy and quick way to get your body the nutrients it needs.


What's the difference between "juicing" and a "juice cleanse"?

Juicing is a quick and easy way to supplement your diet with nutrients and vitamins. You will feel the difference after drinking one to three nutrient rich juices a day.


A juice cleanse is a period of time, usually 3-5 days (some even longer) wherein you consume ONLY juice. The lack of consumption of other foods allows the body to "cleanse" itself, or rid itself from toxins or elements harmful to cell regeneration and growth.


Why does organic cold-pressed juice cost more?

We only use freshest organic ingredients. We extract juice using a hydraulic press, a method that yields 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals and live enzymes than juice extracted any other way. We don't add water, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Our juice contains only fruit and vegetables. That's it!


Is Green Thumb Juicery juice better?

Juice sold in stores is required by the FDA to be pasteurized. Pasturization is a process in which juice is heated to a temperature that kills microbial bacteria and is then cooled quickly. Another pasteurization method is called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).  While pasteurization helps ensure a longer shelf life, it also kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that are essential for our overall vitality.


Our juice is not pasteurized or high pressure prasturized (HPP), or otherwise compromised. Each 16 oz. juice is hand crafted and jam packed with fresh organic produce. A quick comparison of the ingredients of supermarket or mass produced juice reveals the difference in quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables.


Why does my juice taste slightly different each time?

Our juice is handcrafted daily, fresh for each order, with different batches of organic produce. As with any produce, there may be naturally occurring slight differences or variations in flavor.


Can't I just eat the fruit and veggies?

Absolutely, but you need to eat huge amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to equal the enzymes and vitamins in our juice. Some juice has 2 or more pounds of fresh produce in each 16 oz. bottle. Save yourself the headache of picking the produce, cleaning and cutting it. Let us do the work for you. Being healthy was never so easy! It also takes longer to digest whole fruit and vegetables; juice delivers nutrients much faster and more efficiently.


When I'm not cleansing, how often should I drink juice?

You will feel the benefits when drinking 1 to 3 juices a day. Juicing is an easy and fun way to incorporate healthy raw organic fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.


Are the juices fresh upon delivery?

All juices are made fresh to order and can be delivered right to your door. Just store in your fridge upon receipt.


Can I get regular juice deliveries?

Yes! It's our goal to make juicing fun and easy! Order as much or as you like. For extra large quantities or for special deliveries, please contact us directly.


What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Any health concerns or questions should be directed to your doctor or a medical professional. Ask your health care professional if our drinks are right for you.


How much weight can I lose on a cleanse?

It depends. Each person is different and results can vary drastically.


How much juice should I drink each day, while on a juice cleanse?

It depends. The more active you are, the more juice you may need. Speak to us directly to find a plan that works best with your lifestyle and needs.