Green Thumb Juicery

Deep Greens - $5.00

Kale - Spinach - Cucumber - Celery - Apple - Ginger - Lemon

100% cold pressed juice.

If greens had a swimming pool, you'd be on the deep end with this juice. If only Popeye had known about kale. Kale is THE highest veggie source of vitamin K. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E and a great source of calcium, iron, potassium and protein. Green thumb up for green protein. Cool down with cucumbers, so juicy, so good. We added ginger for healthy digestion and detox. Lemon for glowing skin, vitamin c and a little zing for the zang. This juice is great for the green graduate.


All our fruit and vegetables are organic.
All root plants are peeled


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