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Sweet Greens - $5.00

Kale - Spinach - Cucumber - Apple - Celery - Pineapple - Orange

100% cold pressed juice.

Sweet baby greens... Kale'elujah!!! K for vitamin K. Vitamin K helps keep calcium in your bones. Kale has 45 different antioxidant flavonoids. Flavonoids could come from outer space, not sure, all we know is they are in kale and they are in this juice. This is why kale has a reputation for cancer prevention. We make it easy to drink your kale by adding the vitamin C tropicals, pineapple and orange and antioxidant rich apples. This is where the "sweet" comes from in the name. Celery, a superfood, balances our bodie's PH and is loaded with minerals. So many if we named them all, this description would become an Academy Award speech. You don't have to be afraid of green juice anymore with "Sweet Greens".


All our fruit and vegetables are organic.
All root plants are peeled


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